Rescuing is when someone adopts a homeless animal from a rescue group or shelter. It can also be finding a stray dog on the streets and giving it food, water, shelter, and a forever home. Mixes, purebreds, puppies, adult dogs, old dogs, strays, pregnant dogs, and sick dogs are all kinds of dogs that can find themselves in need of a home.

There are millions of homeless dogs because of the overpopulation problem. Both purebreds and mixes are found in shelters across the United States. About half find new homes, while all the others are euthanized. There are not enough homes to go around. Meanwhile, the population keeps growing because of dogs that are not spayed or neutered.

That's what rescuing is for. People come and adopt homeless animals (hence the name "rescuing") and give them homes.

Some reasons dogs end up in shelters are:

1. Impulse purchase for a cute puppy who grows up too fast

2. A present for a child who forgets the dog

3. To have the same dog as a friend to share activities, but the friendship ends or not ready to care for dog

4. Seeing a breed on TV or in a movie but not researching their behavior

5. Not wanting to care for dog after a baby arrives

6. Divorce

7. Not wanting to pay for a kennel when going on vacation

8. Moving to an apartment or out of town

9. Choosing a dog that doesn't work for an apartment or home without a yard

10.Unwanted behavior problems created by humans

11. Being unwanted when the kid responsible for the dog goes to college

12. Someone thinks there's no time for the dog so it's dumped

13. The death or illness of a beloved owner

14. Owner claims to be too busy with work

15. Puppy mill rescues or rescues from neglectful owners

A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when youare just as hungry as the dog. -- Jack London
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